Fixing Hubsan X4Hubsan X4 is an almost indestructible drone and the fate of my Hubsan X4 was really hard. Shortly after testing I flew it right into water. I quickly pulled it out and tried to dry it. Luckily after a few moments it was ready to fly again. Even props are quite durable but of course you will need to replace them here and then.

Unfortunately, when I was replacing the props I pulled the prop too hard with the wrench and totally pulled off one of the motors. This was the end for my X4.

Fixed Husban X4The other day I decided to fix it. I opened the frame and managed to solder the motor wires back. Hubsan X4 drone is really small and all hardware is located in a tiny space so when fixing it you have to be careful not to damage other parts. Shortly, the drone was ready to fly again.

Hubsan X4 also withstood a number of crashes and got a couple of “scars” but it’s still flying. This drone is almost indestructible.

lipo-chargerRecently I bought a SKYRC iMAX B6 Mini charger. At around $35 this charger is affordable and feature rich. The build is solid and it works flawlessly. Ability to charge different types of batteries is a big plus.

However, there was one little problem. The adapter connector’s inner barrel is 2.5mm size. I did not want to spend extra money on the adapter as I had a couple suitable adapters at hand. However, those adapters have barrels with inner size of 2.1mm. Moreover, getting an adapter with a 2.5mm barrel size turned out quite tricky. And don’t try to push 2.1mm on this. It won’t work and you will damage the device.

lipo-charger-2With a little hack, this problem was solved. I bought 2.5mm connectors and used it with one of my adapters.
This charger can charge from 1S to 6S LiPo batteries. Of course you need an appropriate adapter as well. The one that I used is 12V with 5A output. You can use an adapter with lower amps depending on your battery.

One final thing. You need to provide positive voltage in the center of the connector. So, make sure to solder the adapter wires appropriately.