Fixing Hubsan X4Hubsan X4 is an almost indestructible drone and the fate of my Hubsan X4 was really hard. Shortly after testing I flew it right into water. I quickly pulled it out and tried to dry it. Luckily after a few moments it was ready to fly again. Even props are quite durable but of course you will need to replace them here and then.

Unfortunately, when I was replacing the props I pulled the prop too hard with the wrench and totally pulled off one of the motors. This was the end for my X4.

Fixed Husban X4The other day I decided to fix it. I opened the frame and managed to solder the motor wires back. Hubsan X4 drone is really small and all hardware is located in a tiny space so when fixing it you have to be careful not to damage other parts. Shortly, the drone was ready to fly again.

Hubsan X4 also withstood a number of crashes and got a couple of “scars” but it’s still flying. This drone is almost indestructible.