Understanding FPV Drone Racing

The more involved I get in FPV drone racing, the more exciting it seems. Now I understand why it is so addictive and why the sport has taken off in such a short period of time. What is FPV drone racing “made of”?

First, there is hardware. Unlike other sports, FPV drone racing gear is complex and quite expensive. Secondly, there is software part. Flying a quadcopter is technically impossible without the software. Yes, that’s why every quadcopter needs a flight controller. Finally, there is the pilot, the person who does actual racing.

Flying an FPV racing drones seems easy. However, flying a racing drone is very difficult. The speeds are high, crashes happen quite frequently and the competition is really tough.

I think a winning formula is to approach this as an iterative process. Build, fly, analyze, fine-tune, fly and keep iterating until winning.

Another thing that is quickly noticeable is the commercial side of the sport. When big money is involved the sport looks exciting and becomes a great show. As of writing this post ESPN is broadcasting the 2016 U.S. National Drone Racing Championships event. So the future of FPV drone racing seems bright.

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