Mini FPV Racing Drone Project

Goals of the Project

In this brief post I will outline the goals of the project. From my experience as a project manager I know that having clear goals is a vital part of success. Without clear goals it’s difficult to make the right decisions.

Main goal of this project is to build a fully functional mini FPV racing drone.

The drone shall 250 class (180, 210 or 250). For one thing, currently this is the most popular class of racing drones. Secondly, building a drone in this class is relatively easy for a beginner. Smaller sizes are difficult because of limited space. Finally, larger sizes make the project expensive, which is against the next goal.

The drone shall be affordable. Target budget must be around $250-$300.

The drone shall be competitive. Well, everybody wants to win a race.

The project shall give a feeling of what it takes to build a good drone so that I am able to build an even better drone for the next project.

Armed with these goals, I can already start making decisions regarding components.